After years of comparison. Hopefully they can around your interest and delight you. This is a master cello after Montagnana cello model, Master Wang selected the best tonal Bosnian Maple wood for the back, ribs and scroll, best tone Austrian Spruce wood for the front plate, it projects an impressive sound, loud, strong, nicely rich, open, full, wide, well-balanced, pure and clear tone.

Product Pictures. Recent Letters. My cello, which I 've had for one year now, from the Beijing Wang Zhiguo workshoop in China, has a beautiful tone, and I don't think I 've tapped into its potential yet with an optimal setup. I've post a video of a warm up for a solo job I did thi post Sunday May 4th, playing cello for the Opera by Donizetti-Lucia di Lammermoor on which can be heard here, even though you can't see it, because the recorder was under my chair.

Edgar Russ FINALLY Plays a Cello - Luthier Lessons

It is very similar to the Davidoff model in this ad. Once again, thank you for the wonderful cello I purchased from you. Dear Lu,hello. Today I have received from you cello and just want to thank you for excellent work! All that you promised me performed at very high level-thanks! Cello exactly the one that was on the pictures is a real craftsman professional too.

My son playing for two hours and can't stay-great strong sound, very easy to play in the whole range. Tonight he should play the concert and want to jump right on the new instrument! Personal thank to the Luthier who created this Great Cello! One word:. Thank you again for their highly professional work, when will the first emotion I promise to write a detailed letter with photos and perhaps movie.

I now absolutely your customer! All the best. Hello Lu, I just got my violin and I am satisfied. I already have 6 violins but it is a real violin with a real violin sound.

Thank you for your excellent service to all points of view. Sorry for my broken English. Although cordially J. Bien cordiallement J. Hello Lu. My name is Stephen and I purchased a violin from you and master Wang about 4 months ago. I just want to express how pleased I am with the violin.

For the price, I cannot believe the value.

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The tone is so great. I love the way the violin is set up. The fittings are of the highest quality and the strings are nice and close to the fingerboard for easy vibrato. It's a shame that not many people know of how great Wang's violins are.

Again, I want to thank you. Dear Lu. This evening I did a concert in front of a thousand people, your violin has played very well. I am the first violinist of an 'orchestra of 50 musicians. No one believes that my violin was made by a Chinese maker.Our posters are shipped separately from other products. One tube can hold up to 10 posters.

Domenico Montagnana

Save on postage costs by purchasing up to 10 posters per tube today. This instrument is a mature example of his craft, with beautiful deep-flamed maple and well-matched pine, and thickly laid-on red—golden varnish.

Includes measurements. You must be logged in to post a review. Luthiers from. Following the huge success of the first volume of The Best of Trade Secrets, the second appeared in Click to enlarge. Next product. Share Facebook. Additional information Weight 0. Reviews 0 Reviews There are no reviews yet. More Products.

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Read more. Quick View. Add to basket. Related products. Menu Categories. Posters Violin Violin books. Viola books. Cello books. Double Bass books. Lutherie books Lutherie posters Lutherie tools Lutherie varnish. Music history books. CDs DVDs.Shipping calculated at checkout. The sound of the Montagnana is deeper and more rolling with a nice focus over all four strings.

The belly, back, ribs and head are hand made by expert makers that Master Russ knows personally and appreciates for their skills. The critical areas of the instrument construction that present greater difficulty are personally worked on by Master Russ in his workshop in the centre of Cremona, in Via Macchi. This ensures that the instrument will have acoustic qualities of the highest levels. Master Russ establishes the criteria for the correct thicknesses and measurements for the belly, back and the other elements that have a fundamental impact on the instrument sound for every instrument.

These include the placement and shaping of the bassbar, the correct positioning of the neck joint in order to ensure a balanced sound across the four strings, and a perfect set-up that guarantees the best sound possible for every individual instrument.

Finally, following antique traditions, the varnish can be either antiqued or in the non-antiqued Cremonese style. Accessories Bows. Violin Parfum. Sound Adjustment Kits. Cleaning Kits. Your cart is empty. Facebook Pinterest Twitter.

Linea Macchi Instruments satisfy the needs of professional musicians. Q: Is the instrument exactly the one I will receive? A: Yes, the Instrument you are choosing here in the webshop is exactly the one you will receive. All instruments I offer here on my webshop are physically existing and available here in my workshop in Cremona, Italy.

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Andrea Grisales - New Cello Montagnana Sleeping Beauty

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Please follow the link to confirm your registration. Click the button below and we'll email you a link to generate your Tarisio password. There was problem sending your activation email, please contact us. Our New York and London offices are currently open by appointment only, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Back: Two-piece Varnish: Golden-orange Length of back: Notes: This instrument is undamaged, uncut and with its original varnish. It lay unused for over a century at Berkeley Castle, a possession of the Fitzharding family, before it was given to Piatigorsky in Walter Griffiths until W.

montagnana sleeping beauty

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Fitzharding Family of Berkeley Castle.He is regarded as one of the finest violin and cello makers of his time.

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His pieces, particularly his cellos, are sought after by orchestras, notable musicians or collectors, and many form parts of collections in museums. Prices for authentic pieces can reach millions of US dollars at auction. Montagnana was born in LendinaraItaly in His father, Paolo, was a shoemaker. He made stringed musical instruments violinsviolascellos and double basses in Venice.

He was apprenticed in Matteo Sella's workshop probably also associated with Matteo Goffriller and after that he opened his own shop, active fromlocated in Calle degli Stagneri, with insignia "Alla Cremona".

One can hit the bow hard on a Montagnana cello while playing, and the sound will continue to come out and become more interesting. You have to coax the instrument. The more you attack it, the less it returns". The couple lived in Venice and had six daughters. Following the birth of their last child, Caterina began suffering from progressive paralysis, which eventually led to her death in It seems that this final blow was too much for Montagnana, who until then had been seeking refuge in his workshop and spending much longer time than usual on the meticulous details of his instruments.

His health began to decline rapidly, for unspecified causes and, by Februaryhe was bedridden. His death certificate states that he died after being confined to his bed for one month with " hypochondria ". He died in Venice, Italy in His workshop was then inherited by Giorgio Serafin, the nephew of Sanctus Seraphin.

Cello - Linea Macchi, Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty", Cremona 2020

Many of his pieces are still in circulation, used by famous musicians or are part of public or private collections. An international festival with concerts where some of Montagnana's instruments are used is held every year in his native town, Lendinara.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Violin and Lute Makers of Venice - Venezia, Italy: Venice research. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Strad.Maybe he can show you how to login and edit the site. Create a powerful business website: Your site is the touchstone of your online presence. Trim a minute off the length of your showers.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Montagnana cello 1739 poster

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montagnana sleeping beauty

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