Resultados: Exatos: Tempo de resposta: ms. Todos os direitos reservados. Conjugar este verbo. Estes exemplos podem conter palavras rudes baseadas nas suas pesquisas. Estes exemplos podem conter palavras coloquiais baseadas nas suas pesquisas. Desligar os aparelhos durante uma tempestade. Turn off all appliances during a lightning storm. Turn off our phones so our moms can't call.

Say, shut down the distribution so they can't sell gold. Shut down sensor to Comms Tower 3 and 4. I'm a little nervous about shutting down the power grid.

And turning off the cameras is too suspicious. Turning off the water to riotous neighborhoods is a page from Stalin's handbook. Desligar o sinal Turn off that signal Turning off the sonars is good enough.

Desligar bomba, preparar para desacoplagem. Shut down pump, prepare for disengagement. Turn off diver two breathing supply. Turn off the lights every time leave a room. Desligar as luzes e assustar os clientes? Turn off the lights and scare the customers? Now, shutting down that part of the device just made the creatures leave the area. Desligar a bomba e preparar para desengatar.

desligar en ingles

Turning off the holosuite safety protocols during a battle simulation is, at best, dubious. Turn off the music like you been turning off your loving.

desligar en ingles

Shut down the building's backup generator:. Desligar o sistema e pilotar em manual. Shut down the system and use manual piloting. Turn off all the burners and everybody stay put.

Sugerir um exemplo.Hey, guys! How are you doing? I think it's on. The light's off. My computer was off. Meu computador estava desligado. I think her notebook's on. The TV's switched on. I told you the light was turned on. Eu te disse que a luz estava ligada. But my cellphone was switched on! Mas meu celular estava ligado! Why' s my notebook turned on? The generator was switched off. O gerador estava desligado.

desligar en ingles

Oh no! The camera was turned off! How come my computer's turned off? Turn my laptop onplease. Ligue meu notebookpor favor. Turn on my laptopplease. I need to switch my computer on. Eu preciso ligar meu computador. I need to switch on my computer.

Switch the radio offplease.

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Switch off the radioplease. Could you, please, turn off the lights? Could you, please, turn the lights off? Desliguem seus celulares quando estiver em sala. Tomara que tenham gostado do post!

Now switch off your computer and go practice your English!

Como se fala "desligar" em inglês

See you, guys!Log in Sign up. A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object e. I bought a book. I can tie and untie my shoelaces one-handed.

The sailor jumped on to the boat and undid the knot in the rope. The people managed to separate the Church from the government. It's an attitude that frees us from responsibility.

I let my son off his chores so that he could go out and play with his friends. A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun.

Tradução de “desligar” — Dicionário Português-Inglês

Te ves cansado. The knot came undone and the dog ran away. The centrists separated from the socialists and formed their own movement. Lopez distanced himself from the party, claiming that he had nothing to do with the corruption scandal. I cut myself off from my brother to avoid being involved in his shady business. Tengo un compromiso del que no me puedo desligar.

I can't come tomorrow. I have an engagement that I can't get out of. That also means delinking immigration status and employment. Digamos que tengo que I have to say Financial matters cannot be divorced from their corresponding economic context. Todo ello me lleva a la necesidad de desligar. This brings me to the question of the de-linking.

Special pains are being made to segregate your interests from his. Have you tried it yet? Here's what's included:.

Word of the Day. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.EN to switch off to turn off to cut off to disengage to loosen to ring off to tune out to unbind to untie to flick off to power down to power off to shut off.

Resepi cendawan jepun

EN to disconnect to detach to unplug. EN to disable.

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If you switch off the cameras tonight, there will be a genocide. If you over-advertise, people will switch off. But you know, this is a TED audience, and if I keep talking about institutions, you're going to turn off. Flatten to turn off. It is also important for us to introduce a legal requirement for an automatic cut - offso that the charger automatically switches off when the device is charged.

And some sociologists actually feel that it's a closure, it's a cocooning, that we're disengaging from the public. I ask you to realize that there are forces within the United States who want to have an isolationist American policy, who want the US to disengage from its responsibilities in the world.

Untie aid: getting better value for money Please, just power down. And when it's expired, using failsafe technology, the system will shut offprotecting the user. Do the following then disconnect from the network. Statement about connecting or disconnecting.

Regarding the ideological aspect, no one is taken in: this statute's primary objective is to detach the elected representative from his State of origin completely. Furthermore, processing has unfortunately become detached from production as a result of privatisation. That means that anyone we haven't unplugged Disabling me will result in loss of primary power. A check of my systems indicates my main drive circuit breaker Portuguese desagarrar desatrelar desenganchar desengatar despegar desprender soltar.

Mais pelo bab.

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Vamos manter contato?Resultados: Exactos: Tiempo de respuesta: ms. All rights reserved. Historial Favoritos. Reverso para Windows Es gratis Descargue nuestra app gratis. Conjugar este verbo. Ver ejemplos que contengan inseparable 4 ejemplos coincidentes. It is curious how they strive to separate Msgr. Although fiction films were made, it was impossible to separate the narrative tool from the immediate reality. A first need is to decouple the evaluation from a specific time period.

A second need is to decouple the evaluation from a particular place, meaning "place" the institutions of formal education. In the end we might not untie this "publishing" labor of our practice, interests or architectural formation. Digamos que tengo que I have to say We reject the manipulation and the attempt to separate our just demands from those of the Mexican people.

Every theatrical company lives in a space and in a concrete time, and it cannot separate from this. El esfuerzo gubernamental por desligar el proceso electoral del conflicto en Chiapas ha resultado infructuoso. The government's effort to separate the electoral process from the Chiapas conflict has been fruitless. It is very difficult to separate these productions from the contexts in which they were born and from the negotiation between communication and community that they unmask.

Building on these agreements, donors should agree to fully untie aid as well as to fully delink aid from economic policy conditions.

Moreover, since GCED is based on human rights, it is imperative to decouple human rights from imperialist practices and inter ventions. You cannot separate the fight for gender equality from the fight for class equality. According to Torregrossa, Fin "is a genre film that uses the thriller style to separate out the fine threads that move us as people: desires, frustrations, the need to overcome, curiosity".

It is difficult to separate what happens in outer space from what happens here on earth. His works have taught our eyes to separate a work of art from its physical medium and to disassociate physical and aesthetic qualities. SDG 8: Economic growth provides to improve progressively, throughglobal resource efficiency in consumption and production and to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation.

Posible contenido inapropiado Desbloquear.

desligar en ingles

Sugerir un ejemplo.Cleveland brings a 13-game winning streak into Friday's contest at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. On Monday, Indiana (14-11) took advantage of an undermanned Knicks squad to snap a two-game losing streak.

Against the Bulls on Wednesday, Indiana needed a heroic late 3-pointer from Victor Oladipo, who pulled up on the fastbreak and stole a victory from the struggling Chicago squad.

But come Friday, Indiana faces one of its toughest tests of the season: a rolling Cleveland Cavaliers (18-7) team that has won 13 in a row after a desultory start to their season. The seemingly ageless LeBron James enters Friday night on pace for one of his most statistically dominant seasons of his career.

The 13-time All-Star is now averaging 28 points, 7. The Pacers enter Friday's test against a division rival on a solid stretch of play as well, having won eight of their last 11 contests. Indiana's 3-point shooting has been a key to its success all season long. The Pacers have knocked down 40 percent of their threes this year, the second best mark in the league, trailing only the Golden State Warriors. Pacers: PG - Darren Collison, SG - Victor Oladipo, SF - Bojan Bogdanovic, PF - Thaddeus Young, C - Myles TurnerCavaliers: PG - Jose Calderon, SG - JR Smith, SF - Jae Crowder, PF - LeBron James, C - Kevin LovePacers: Myles Turner - questionable (sore right calf), Cory Joseph - questionable (sore left shoulder), Glenn Robinson III - out (left ankle surgery rehabilitation), Edmond Sumner - out (left knee surgery rehabilitation)Cavaliers: Derrick Rose - out (left ankle sprain), Iman Shumpert - out (left knee arthroscopic surgery), Isaiah Thomas - out (right hip), Tristan Thompson - out (left calf strain)On April 11, 2012, the Pacers began a nine-game win streak against the Cavaliers that would last until March 2014.

Furthermore, the Cavs only won three games from 2010-15 against the Pacers. November 1, 2017: On the second night of a back-to-back, playing against a well-rested Cavaliers team, the Pacers notched their biggest win of the season, toppling the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers 124-107 at Quicken Loans Arena. We played the game the right way. We talk about that all the time, you play the game the right way and normally good things happen.

The Pacers continue their six-game homestand with a matchup against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, Dec.

Tradução de "Desligar" em inglês

The Game Night Special can be purchased at the Pacers Team Store on game day as well as online from 10:00 AM-Midnight. Game Night Specials can be purchased online the day of each away game from 10:00 AM - Midnight. No portion of NBA. Projected Starters Darren Collison Victor Oladipo Bojan Bogdanovic Thaddeus Young Myles Turner Jose Calderon JR Smith Jae Crowder LeBron James Kevin Love Pacers: PG - Darren Collison, SG - Victor Oladipo, SF - Bojan Bogdanovic, PF - Thaddeus Young, C - Myles TurnerCavaliers: PG - Jose Calderon, SG - JR Smith, SF - Jae Crowder, PF - LeBron James, C - Kevin Love On April 11, 2012, the Pacers began a nine-game win streak against the Cavaliers that would last until March 2014.

TagsCavaliers, Pacers, 2017-18 Game Preview Related Content CavaliersOladipo's Star Continues to RiseGame Rewind: Pacers 106, Cavaliers 102 PacersPractice: Oladipo, Pacers on a RollPostgame: Pacers Locker Room - Dec.

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Vincent Center Playoff Central 2017 Hall of Fame Central History Team Yearbook TICKETS Season Tickets Holiday 5-Game Pack Full Season Plan Half Season Plan Mini Plan Single Game Tickets Groups NBATickets. Ning Create a Ning Network. Sign Upor Sign In Posted by Jennie Brandmiller on March 17, 2017 at 20:50 0 Comments 0 Likes Posted by Jennie Brandmiller on March 8, 2017 at 7:01 0 Comments 0 Likes Posted by Jennie Brandmiller on September 28, 2016 at 7:59 0 Comments 0 Likes Added by Jennie Brandmiller 0 Comments 0 Likes PREVIEW is an acronym of PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention and population studies in Europe and around the World.

The primary goal of PREVIEW is to identify the most efficient lifestyle pattern for the prevention of type-2 diabetes in a population of pre-diabetic overweight or obese individuals. The project comprises two distinct lines of evidence, both embracing European and overseas countries:1) A multicentre, clinical randomized intervention trial with a total of 2,500 pre-diabetic participants, including children and adolescents, adults and elderly.

The duration will be 3 years for the adults and elderly, and 2 years for the children and adolescents. Focus in both lines of evidence will be on diet (specifically protein and glycemic index) and intensity of physical activity, as well as their interaction with the lifestyle factors, habitual stress and sleeping pattern as well as behavioural, environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic variables.

PREVIEW will significantly increase our knowledge on how specific lifestyle factors can help preventing type-2 diabetes. The strategic impact of PREVIEW concerns the massive problems associated with the global diabesity epidemic (obesity and type-2 diabetes) and therefore includes partners from Europe (East, West, North and South) and Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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PREVIEW will thereby contribute to improving health over the life-span of the population in Europe as well as worldwide. Overall the public health and socioeconomic impact of PREVIEW is expected to be very significant.

The project is led by Professor Anne Raben from the University of Copenhagen and there are 15 partners in the consortium.Managerial influence may also make it worth watching the fortunes of Preston (20-1), who have Alex Neil, who was tipped for the top when he won promotion with Norwich, at the helm.

Harry Redknapp at Birmingham will be hard to ignore and their odds are just 7-1. If you are after an outsider, former Rangers boss Mark Warburton could surprise a few people at Nottingham Forest, who are finally free of the chaotic ownership of Fawaz al-Hasawi and available at 12-1.

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The Week incorporates The First Post. Blackburn Rovers relegated as Venky's nightmare continuesAdvertisementSign up for our daily newsletterNewsletter CloseRead more: FootballMiddlesbroughAdvertisementAdvertisement You are here:HomeChampionshipChampionship betting preview: Who will challenge Boro and Villa.

Messi: the rivalry, statistics, goals and awardsFootballWhat is the Rooney Rule and why have EFL clubs adopted it. Liverpool transfer newsPhilippe Coutinho unsure of Liverpool futurePremier LeagueMan Utd vs. BusinessCan you spot which item has been stolen.

Are you looking for the perfect venue to host your Christmas party. Blues Network Business Breakfast with HSBC, sponsored by A2B Radio Cars, is another triumph'Events' patrons added to the Blues Network Business ClubVisit us: Birmingham City Football Club plc, St. Helpful Information Online Ticket Store Ticketing Guide New to St. Stadium Plan Ground Regulations BLUESTV Latest Videos Match Highlights Important Information BluesTV - Sign up now.

BluesTV - Download the app here. Subscribe FAQ Contact BluesTV - Sign up now. Where to eat at St. Who can forget the incredible victory by Henrik Stenson in 2016 at Royal Troon where he dueled with Phil Mickelson and took home The Claret Jug. There is now a single player at the top of the Open Championship Leaderboard with Jordan Spieth three shots clear after another faultless round at The Open 2017.

My final tips of the week will be in the betting without Spieth market. The GM Tipster got ready for the Open Championship by picking the winner and three of the top 5 in the John Deere Classic last weekend. To have a look at how he is doing so far this season check out our golf betting tips homepage. Has a low round in him and not going to get better odds on him now. Is one under par and very much in the hunt. I am ecstatic that I can now get on him as I thought the opportunity had passed.

He is level par, got a good chance to do well even if it is just at each way. Knows his way around a links course and will have incredible home support as he comes from Southport. He is 9th in the world won the BMW PGA Championship a month ago and has four top tens this year in total, we also know he can win on links.

The weather is set to be pretty mixed with showers and strong winds, the trickier the conditions the better his chances I feel. He still very much has the game to compete and at this price he has a great each way chance. He is a player who really rises to the big occasion and had incredible form on links courses in 2016.