Fast forward a year from then, when we happened to be in the area again and I finally had the chance to share this gem with my loved ones! First of all to clarify, there actually is a difference between gelato and ice cream.

Gelato is made with fresh ingredients e. Since gelato is made from fresh ingredients, it can only be kept for a couple of days; Alfero actually covers its gelato to maintain freshness of the gelato. This was said to be one of their favourites, so it was no surprise when it was our favourite too!

Bronte pistachios are used to make this gelato so fragrant and naturally green. The older generation might find this a bit too sweet though. Like the very first time I was here, the texture of the gelato was smooth and silky. Tastes just like Ferrero Rocher, apparently the gelato is only made with milk, hazelnut, chocolate and sugar. We love how there are little hazelnut bits in the gelato to give it that extra crunch!

Very strong coffee liquer taste, and it was a little overpowering — not suitable for the young! Alfero found itself 5 more new fans today grandma included! QiQi and the family loves to eat and believe good food should be shared, She is one of the main writer and photographer for ieatandeat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Love 20 Share Tweet Share Pin. QIQi QiQi and the family loves to eat and believe good food should be shared, She is one of the main writer and photographer for ieatandeat.

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Join us on.There are a plethora of places in Singapore that sell great ice cream whether it is the artisanal kind or the commercial kind, but some places stand out more than others. Here is a list of 23 ice cream shops in Singapore to help you get the very best ice cream when those sugar cravings hit you.

For all the dessert fans out there with an incurable sweet tooth, be prepared to get the sugar rush of your lifetime. Their soft serve flavours will rotate on the 1st and 16th of every month, so you may look forward to something new and exciting every fortnight! All their ice cream is made daily in-house using only fresh and natural ingredients. Photo Credit: Awfully Chocolate. Awfully Chocolate does not just serve up delicious cakes and chocolates; they also have a delightful array of ice cream to choose from!

A crowd favourite that is a must-try is their Hei Ice Cream, which is a creamy, rich dark chocolate ice cream that is sure to satisfy your ice cream cravings. This pretty ice cream paradise is situated along East Coast Road, and it is highly popular on social media for its photogenic interior as well as its amazing ice cream. Their ice cream flavours are inspired by natural botanical elements such as Spiced Pear and Strawberry Basil.

This place sells simple, creamy, homemade ice cream that will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Ranting Panda

The newly-opened Dopa Dopa Creamery sells creamy artisanal ice gelato that are curated and made by an Italian chef. Despite their selective menu of only 8 flavours, these ice cream flavours will definitely please the most difficult sweet tooth.

The heartlands of Singapore hold a plethora of hidden food gems, and one of them definitely has to be Double Scoops at Ang Mo Kio. Another great ice cream place that is located in the heartlands is Fatcat, which is nestled in Bedok and is popular amongst the Easties when they need their ice cream fix.

They have a variety of interesting ice cream flavours to choose from, and these all go very well with their famous charcoal waffles. Hidden away in a HDB estate of Jalan Bukit Merah is Geometry, a rustic, artisanal ice cream parlour that boasts freshly handcrafted gelato with zero artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Ice Edge Cafe, unlike the other places on this list, does not specialise in ice cream. However, we have to give this place a mention as they serve delicious in-house baked brownies topped with creamy gelato. Photo Credit: Jasmine Wee. A household name that is not unfamiliar with to anyone, Island Creamery never fails to serve up some solid ice cream.

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However, besides just plain ice cream, another option would be to have their Chocolate Mudpie, which features layers of their creamy ice cream in a pie form with a delicious, crumbly cookie base. Kind Kones is a new ice cream parlour in Orchard that serves vegan ice cream—yes, that means that no milk nor cream is being incorporated in its making and less guilt while consuming your ice cream. Kind Kones specialises in churning out creative flavours of vegan ice cream.

You can top up a dollar to have one of their Charcoal cones, which go great with their creamy, delicious ice cream.

For all our Muslim friends out there, we have not forgotten about you! Here, we have Moosh, a Muslim-owned Halal soft serve shop that sells classic flavours such as Strawberry and Blueberry.

Sunday Folks is not an unfamiliar name, and they are famed for their speciality, mouth-watering desserts that have won over every sweet tooth who has tried them. Have their creamy ice cream with their popular freshly baked Belgian waffles for a party in your mouth! The Daily Scoop is one of earlier homemade ice cream places in Singapore that has been serving up great ice cream for the longest time.

We love having our ice cream with their amazing brownies for it makes for the perfect combination! The Dark Gallery hails from Malaysia and they specialise in all things chocolate. They have a wide range of chocolate desserts like artisanal ice creams, pastries and hot chocolate.

If you are a massive chocolate fan like we are, you should pay this place a visit! They are popular for their exotic flavours such as Gingerman and Colonel Potong. Their ice cream flavours change periodically, so do keep a look out for their next creation! If you love charcoal waffles and sea salt ice cream, Twenty Grammes is the place to be. Their charcoal waffles are a must-try and are crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. They also serve up mouth-watering soft-serve froyo waffles for those of who you love a classic old soft serve.

Udders is definitely a must-have on any ice cream guide and has been a popular favourite for years.By the folks behind Brine Restaurant at North Bridge Road is their new seaters 10 indoors, 8 outdoors gelato cafe at Bedok.

23 Ice Cream And Gelato Shops In Singapore You Have To Visit

This is just 2 doors away from Percolate Coffee and one street away from crowd-favourite FatCat Ice Cream Bar that serves artisanal ice cream flavours. Instead of being big and round, each scoop of Gelato is compressed to form a dent in the centre, be it in a cup or on top of waffles. Made by smoking real hay plants or grass dried and stored as animal fodder or food and infusing into their milk-based gelato, the Smoked Hay gelato was dented in the centre with cocoa nibs on top.

The gelato was smooth and milky, with distinctive smokey-ness that lingers in the mouth without the grassy flavours of hay, whereas the coca nibs add some crunch to it, making it more robust and earthy.

As a matcha-holic, the Uji Matcha was calling out to me with its intense shade of green that is irresistible. Topped with desiccated coconuts, the matcha taste was intense with a distinct vegetal notes that matchaholic will enjoy. Even though the waffle turned out to be golden brown and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, it was a tad too salty which interfered with the gelato flavours.

Taste-wise, the flavours were on the subtle side without any distinguishing flavours, which seems to mimic our local favourite laksa, in the form of a cold dessert. Hey, will you jio you friends for late night supper at Hay Gelato since they opened till 2am? Note: The cafe used to open daily, but now closed on Mondays. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.

Hi, they had since updated their new opening hours and will be closed on Mondays. It will still be opened till 2am on other days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

alfero gelato bedok

About The Diary Instagram Advertising. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Leave this field empty. All Rights Reserved. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Daniel Ang and DanielFoodDiary.I did. Upon reaching, the rather ulu Alfero Gelato was not easy to find — somewhere in the middle of some old housing estate next to a green field, though the district was rustic, peaceful and beyond charming.

Marco, how long have you been in Singapore for? I came from my hometown in Turin Italy since October I have been in Singapore for almost 3 years. Were you in the ice cream business all along in Italy? No, I was a finance manager in the semiconductor industry for more than 10 years. I hear you enrolled into an ice cream university. Did you get a Bachelor of Ice Cream or something? Haha, it was a certification programme with the famous Carpigiani Gelato University.

They also produced the ice cream machine that I am using here. Very smart of them. They sell machines to their students!

Gelato Ice Cream in Singapore

How is your Italian gelato different from the usual ice cream? Also, we use only the freshest ingredients — fresh milk, egg yolks, real fruits and nuts from Italy. Have you tried other gelatos in Singapore?

Of course, I am a fan of ice cream. But I feel they tend to be a little on the sweet side. Yes, I have realised Singaporeans do not like overly intense and sweet things. Yours is the first cafe in Singapore to store your gelato in covered pozzettos containers. Yes, so that air and light do not affect the quality of the product. Customers used to wonder what I sell. Singaporeans are very visual people, and business was affected initially until they found out.

Any thoughts of opening a 3rd branch? Yes, I am looking for a shop space now, probably by the end of this year. I told Marco I almost tried every flavour available already, my favourites being the nuttier Bacio kissNocciola hazelnut and pistachio.

The Classic Tiramisu made with coffee, Marsala wine and Mascarpone cheese felt almost like I was eating the Tiramisu cake, only better because it was cold and creamy. While the Snow White felt a tad sweet initially, the simplicity of its flavour grew in me and you could appreciate the texture of the gelato on its own — truly the fairest of them all. I live in the area and I try to drop by everyday to have a cup. That is why I have committed to support Alfero Gelato so that they will stay here for good.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. About The Diary Instagram Advertising. Love their gelato. Their gelato is definite must try P.The online Singapore Business Directory allow users to search Singapore companies by Singapore company namesSingapore company listingsand product listings or by business categories.

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Gelato Ice Cream in Singapore. Alfero Artisan Gelato Pte Ltd. Why Alfero Gelato instead of Icecream? Fresh Milk against Powered Milk c. Email Business.

More Info. Casa Italia. Having become the largest and most popular gelato parlour in Singapore, we expanded into the Italian specialty coffee and comfort food; opening in our first fast casual all-day dining restaurant. Life tastes better with Gelato Ice-Creams!

Mischiefus Pte Ltd. Grab their opening promotion with just print out the flyer to redeem. Gusttimo offers 16 flavours of freshly made gelatos daily. Customers are more.

alfero gelato bedok

Viva Gelato. Viva Gelato has gelato that has less fattening as compared to normal ice cream and lower sugar level than other Gelatos. That makes more.

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Yummyyy ice creams! Lots of flavour to choose from!The hole-in-the-wall space has very limited indoor tables and a few outdoor tables along the corridor. The texture of the waffle is soft and not that buttery in taste, so the highlight for me is the gelato.

It spots a smoky aroma and taste, and somehow it complements the chocolate quite well. Rants The space is really tight, which means it is not a place to linger for long after having your gelato or waffle. Be prepared to wait for a table at peak hours too. Will I Return Again?

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Hay Gelato is a nice addition to the Bedok neighbourhood and it definitely complements Percolate cafe as well. Have a coffee there, then hop over for some unwisely flavoured gelatos sounds like an awesome weekend plan. TheRantingPanda says: Taste bud: 3. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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alfero gelato bedok

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alfero gelato bedok

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